Muslim fundamentalism parallels Christian fundamentalism

November 9, 2009 at 10:55 am (Islam)

Count this as my first anti-Muslim post.


Fundamentalist Christians are not generally big boosters of Islamic fundamentalism. But it appears that American creationists hate Darwin and the science of evolution even more, and are aggressively helping Islamic fundamentalists undermine both science and the secular governmental traditions in Turkey. According to an article in the Washington Post, the teaching of evolution is under attack by Islamic fundamentalists armed with materials created by American creationists. The article opens with an anecdote that, with one exception, will be all too familiar to U.S. science educators:

Sema Ergezen teaches biology to Turkish students interested in teaching science themselves, and she has long struggled with her students’ ignorance of, and sometimes hostility to, the notion of evolution.

But she was taken aback when several of her Marmara University students recently accused her of being an atheist, or worse, for teaching anything but the doctrine that God created the Earth and everything on it.

“They said I was a liar if I called myself a Muslim because I also accepted evolution,” she said.

Anti-evolution forces are blossoming, according to the article, thanks to American backers of creationism and intelligent design:

Translated and adapted for a Muslim society, the purported proofs that Darwinism and evolution were wrong came directly from American proponents of Christian creationism and its less overtly religious offshoot, intelligent design.

If you don’t know already, Muslim creationism is similar to Mormon creationism in that it takes no official stance on evolution. However, as Islam believes that the Torah is to be taken literally, certain fundamentalists, especially those of a collegiate age (why is it an issue in college???), will take it to its most literal form of a 6-day creationism account. No wonder the Middle East are so backwards.


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The Google Earth quest for Kaaba

May 28, 2009 at 12:43 am (Islam, Uncategorized)

So, I was on Google Earth searching for the Kaaba and I noticed that there was a link embedded that wanted me to submit a 3D model of the building surrounding it. I thought this was pretty damn cool, if someone could pull it off. I just wonder who has balls enough to attempt it. It would be pretty fucking awesome if someone out there made a 3D model for all the sacred landmarks of the world.
Here’s a link to the Kaaba on Google Maps:…,0.009613&z=17

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A summation of the major religions

May 18, 2009 at 5:43 am (Islam)

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all explained in brief:

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