Last night at the Newman House

August 25, 2009 at 5:10 pm (abortion debate, feminism)

This is a message I sent to a couple of MSU Alliance friends concerning my bout with the Newman House last night:

So get this right. I went into the Newman House tonight in order to present my arguments to see if they were sound or not to the leader of the Murray State for Life.

After waiting about an hour and a half listening to the “Jesus is awesome” shit, I finally get out my list of arguments, and present them, painstakingly one at a time with the leader, Megan Rhodes (and to the girl I’m trying to get with).

The group seems to be divided on the issues, with one of the girls saying “no way, an abortion is absolutely unacceptable”, and a guy saying “there are some medical exceptions that would allow for an abortion.”

About a third of the way through, one of the members (actually they all agreed with his statement) said “this isn’t fair, you haven’t allowed us to present our arguments.” I said I thought it would be fair for them to gather their arguments. In the back of my mind though, I was thinking that this was a sad divided group with no idea what the debate is about, so long as the “winner” is pro-life. If you don’t know what the arguments are, you shouldn’t be so quick to join the debate imo.

When I mentioned that there needs to be more science and less faith pushing the pro-life movement one of the girls said “but this isn’t a faith-based program.” To which I of course replied “but there’s a lot of God in your pamphlets.” When one of the girls showed me one of the pamphlets, I said “that’s not the one I’m talking about.” Their response was “well, we don’t really look at the stuff we’re given, we just hand them out.” I just sat dumbfounded and completely in awe.

When I said “well, is there some way I can present my objections tomorrow in your meeting?”, they said “the meetings aren’t up for debate, they’re for pushing the pro-life agenda.” Again, I was flabbergasted. I told them that this is purely unscientific, there’s no internal criticism going on here, and where there’s no internal criticism there’s no progress.

So, unfortunately Ally, there will be no debate tomorrow. There will be no me-getting-my-say. They want silence, and obedience, and I won’t stand for it.

I’ve recently rotated my position on the pro-life debate. I’m not pro-life, and no longer entirely pro-abortion. But an anti-pro-life movement pro-lifer.


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