Top reasons for not believing (part 3)

June 11, 2009 at 6:37 pm (Dead Sea scrolls, reasons to doubt)

Let’s review the previous posts‘ statements. Note: these statements have been updated.

  1. There are multiple mistranslations. For example, Venefica. Venefica means “poisoner” instead of “witch”. Exodus 22:18 was the basis for the Salem witch hunt. Also, 666 is really suppose to be 616 according to the Qumran scrolls.
  2. Extreme ages. Methuselah is recorded as having been the oldest person in the Bible. The oldest living creature is recorded to have lived 177 years.
  3. The Ten Commandments appear three times. All with differences in those commandments.
  4. According to the Bible, God hates shrimp and bacon.
  5. There’s a discrepancy of what almah means.
  6. There are mythical Biblical creatures.
  7. In Revelation 7:4, it says that only 144,000 people are chosen to live in Heaven.
  8. The Biblical estimate of pi is extremely off.
  9. The Pentateuch was in fact not written by Moses alone. Nor do we really know who wrote the them.
  10. If you’ve watched The God Who Wasn’t There (YouTube clips search link), it’s stated that Jesus came, died, and was forgotten for nearly 30 years before the Gospels were ever written. The authors of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) couldn’t even read or write, and had to have scribes write their books.
  11. What happened to the whole millenium thing? Y2K?
  12. 6 days to create the earth? No, this is simply wrong.

And now, some new ones.

  1. The Gospels are unreliable.
  2. Bad morality of famous Christian theologians.
  3. God loves everyone and forgives everyone. Well, except these people.
  4. Fundamentalists are always right.
  5. The KKK is a Christian sect. Why associate yourself with them?
  6. Even the apostles needed evidence. Why do you expect us to believe, when the apostles themselves were doubtful?

That brings the total to 18 reasons not to believe.


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The evolution of human height

June 8, 2009 at 4:53 pm (Dead Sea scrolls, evolution)

Let’s first look at the Pygmy people. According to a book I checked out at the library, “The Truth About Your Height“, the Pygmies averaged

about 4’6″, and are not famous for industrial achievements, art, science, or literature. But they have the distinction of surviving with their culture pretty much in tact for over 2,500 years. These people have utilized whatever was available in their environment to create and maintain their society and lifestyle.

They survived due to their peaceful status within their culture. Due to their hunting-and-gathering nature, they were continuously oppressed by the more industrial (if you could call them that) enemies elsewhere.

Now, let’s look at the Bible (how could I not?). The story of David and Goliath is an old, but familiar one. Recall that I pointed out the references to giants in an earlier post. I will probably edit it due to very nature of what “giants” actually indicates.

Anyways, according to 1 Samuel 17:4 (King James Version), it says he’s “six cubits and a span.” According to Google, 6 cubits = 2.7432 meters = 9 feet. And, according to the Qumran Scrolls, his height is 4 cubits tall (1.8288 meters, 6 feet). Whichever edition you prefer to subscribe to, we know this: humans were short on average, and those that were outliers were considered “giants”.

Another thing we need to look at is the difference between societies of short humans and those of tall humans. Archaically speaking, height was a means of balancing the hierarchy of society. The tallest person (aka a pharaoh or said Goliath) would be at the top of the pyramid, and those that leveled out would be below.

Those that are taller tend to be better academically than those that are shorter. This is because the brain’s development tends to grow proportionally as the body does (source: The Truth About Your Height). More from The Truth About Your Height:

slower growing children would take longer to mature and to develop mentally. Also, we know that taller children come from taller parents and taller parents are generally more highly educated. Consequently, taller children or youth would have advantages over shorter ones through enriched environments.

Exceptions being Asians. I theorize Asians are smarter due to personal discipline. The science is this: taller people need more vitamins and nutrients than shorter people. Shorter people don’t have as much of a need for those, thus the brain doesn’t increase at the same rate. It’s genetic really. Your DNA presupposes how you will develop throughout your life. If you’re tall, it’s because you’re suppose to be and likewise for shortness.

The Pygmies didn’t find a need to technologically advance, so their height never increased. Over time, those that did technologically advance became smarter, thus contributing to the increase in brain size. And because we know that brain size is proportional to body height, we can safely say that taller people have bigger brains. But bigger isn’t always better.

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Top reasons for not believing (part 1)

December 13, 2008 at 12:59 am (Dead Sea scrolls, reasons to doubt)

Here’s why religion (mainly Christianity) just doesn’t make sense:

  1. There are multiple mistranslations. Venefica is one of them. Venefica instead of the “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” Also, 666 (Revelation 13:17-18) is really suppose to be 616 according to the Dead Sea scrolls.
  2. How about those impossible ages of Noah (950) and Adam (930) and others? Sorry, but that’s a little impossible considering that the longest lifespan is currently 177 years.
  3. If you’ve ever read Letter to a Christian Nation, you’d know that Sam Harris uses Jesus’s own words against him and Christianity.
  4. The 10 Commandments appear three times! And each one is a slight variation from the last one.
  5. God hates shrimp and bacon. But they’re oh, so good.
  6. There’s the discrepancy of alma which in Hebrew means “young lady” instead of “virgin”.
  7. Giants, UFOs, dragons, even unicorns… oh my!
  8. Only 144,000 people are going to Heaven. Guess that means you’re shit out of luck.
  9. More to come. (Check out the reasons to doubt tag.)

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