Look at all those coded words:

February 22, 2011 at 3:06 pm (politics)

Dear Newsmax Reader,

President Obama is not busy enough running the country. Instead he’s butting into Wisconsin’s business.

Now, courageous Gov. Scott Walker has told Obama to simply butt out!

But Obama is not listening. As I write this, Obama’s pals in the big public employee unions are pouring in millions to thwart Gov. Walker and the duly elected legislature.

Already, Obama’s bloated public employee unions are about to launch a salvo of TV attack ads in Wisconsin aimed at Gov. Walker.

Politico reports: “Unions are going up in the air in the state with the first ad on the standoff, hammering Governor Scott Walker.”

“The ad was created by advisers to the national AFL-CIO, SEIU, and AFSCME, … and it was paid for by the Wisconsin AFL-CIO.”

The fact is, Team Obama are desperate to break the back of Governor Scott Walker’s courageous resolve.

This is why the League of American Voters is urgently launching a national effort to help Gov. Walker and to stop these bloated unions.

We are planning to run an emergency campaign of radio ads across the state, exposing the unions’ real agenda.

Our work is critically important because Obama has dispatched his troops to Wisconsin from the Democrat National Committee, Moveon.org, and even the Rev. Jessie Jackson to fire-up the mob of demonstrators.

They are pouring millions into Wisconsin.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Obama’s public employee unions are planning to roll-out a massive $30 million campaign nationwide to keep their power to hold taxpayers hostage, and to award themselves lavish pensions and benefits.

They claim Gov. Walker wants to abolish unions.

This is an out and out lie. What Gov. Walker is attempting to do is stop the use of third party arbitrators who give public unions big contracts with lavish benefits.

The liberals realize Wisconsin is key for rolling out their agenda nationwide.

Next in line are Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Missouri, New Hampshire, Maine, and Pennsylvania.

We’re already seeing orchestrated protests by public unions in Ohio and Indiana.

The League has prepared a powerful new radio ad to air throughout Wisconsin in support of Gov. Walker.

With your help we plan on exposing the Obama-Labor machine in ads across the nation.

Our ad encourages Gov. Walker to stay strong and exposes how public employee unions are gouging the taxpayers.

We urgently need you to help the League in the vital effort to support Gov. Walker and expose the unions — Go Here Now

Help Governor Walker to end Big Labor’s ability to hold taxpayers, school students, and emergency services hostage to the lavish demands of public unions.

As Wisconsin goes, so goes the nation.

Wisconsin Democrat State Senator Chris Larson, one of fourteen cowardly senators who’s fled the state to avoid a vote, said it best:

“If this passes here, it will pass in other states.”

Public unions know the stakes. So does Governor Walker.

Help the League support Governor Walker. Donate Now

Yours for freedom,

Bob Adams
Executive Director

P.S. – As you know the League has been credited in killing Obama’s dreaded “public option” in his health care plan. We led the fight to renew the Bush Tax Cuts. We won that battle. Dick Morris says the League is “the most effective grassroots organization in America.” Help us support Gov. Walker and expose the unions and Obama. Support Governor Walker with a powerful radio ad campaign. Go Here Now


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