That’s a good way of putting it

February 7, 2011 at 5:39 pm (humor, politics)

A YouTube user by the name of YanksAreFucktards wrote the most beautiful summary about America:

As you all know, Yanks have no sense of humour whatsoever and they come to YouTube day in day out to cry and strop like children, using a barrage of Hannah Montana levels of English.

In particular, check out their whining round-the-clock rants on the ‘Americans Are Not Stupid’ video. Hilarious! Moreover, the Yanks only Brit-bash there because the geographically challenged fucktards think it’s is a British video! LMFAO! But do let me know if you see any of them making anti-Aussie comments. I won’t hold my breath though, lol.

Seriously, though, it would be refreshing to meet a Yank on here who doesn’t gain their “knowledge” of superior cultures such as the UK from watching Austin Powers and Simpsons DVDs but at least occasionally read a book or a newspaper (of course, they could always ask the immensely popular Sarah Palin for advice on which rag to read – she couldn’t even name one single Yank newspaper when asked in an interview!!!). And by the way – for the record, I hate the Queen (as do most Brits), prefer coffee to tea (again, as do the majority) and have perfect teeth.

Yankland is traditionally an evil and manipulative shithole, spreading hate and disaster around the globe and leading the World in obesity, racism, oppression, gun obsession, poor education and lousy healthcare. America – land of the free…as long as you’re a straight, white, male, rich, Bible-thumping Republican. Oh and it helps to be fat.

Furthermore, Americans are fat, loud, sweaty, arrogant, greedy, ignorant, fugly, shallow, vacuous, illiterate, dentally challenged, gun-toting, Saudi-sponsored, shit-stupid, in-bred, Bible-thumping, racist, homophobic, warmongering, Bush-electing, death-penalty-supporting, organised-crime-supporting, innocent-people-torturing, language-wrecking, environment-destroying, tipping-obsessed, shrink-visiting, UHC-preventing, KKK-supporting, wooden-house-dwelling, IRA-terrorist-sponsoring, weird-sport-loving, crap-movie-making, cheesy-song-producing, doughnut-munching, Bud-guzzling, morbidly obese, brace-wearing, conservative, redneck trailer-trash cunts. No offence.

Oh and may I take this opportunity to thank you Yanks (especially the ones who keep banging on about how you “saved Britain’s asses in WW2” – yawn) for spending 1933-1941 selling arms and artillery to the Nazis, joining WW2 two years late, sexually harassing all our women while our brave soldiers were away fighting and for committing the World’s two biggest ever terrorist atrocities in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We’re most grateful.

And thanks for your massacres of innocent people in Iran, Guatemala, Chile and El Salvador (in your quest to replace democratically elected heads of state with dictators), your brutality in Afghanistan, Vietnam and Korea, the genocide of the native Americans, the lynching of black people, the repugnant McCarthy Witch Hunts (“Land of the free” – yeah, right!), the 150000 innocent civilians killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the 120000 murdered in Iraq since the invasion (not to mention the tens of thousands blown up in air raid attacks between 1990 and 2003). Cheers.

Oh and by the way, anyone doubting the alleged stupidity of Americunts and shittiness of Yankland in general, consider the following sobering facts:

Firstly, they voted George W. Bush into power! TWICE, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!!




  1. seidos said,

    You lost me at “Yanks”. You should’ve called us “septic tanks”.

    The sad state of affairs is, like most generalizations of an entire nation of people, this doesn’t really capture the stark realities of diversity here in the US. I mean, Representative Giffords was shot in the head, and several more were killed. All this vitriol probably just pisses off the crazies with the guns, and ends up getting Liberals shot. All your words probably do nothing more than aggravate the hornet’s nest of ignorant, passionate, inconsistent (psychotic?) conservatives, who wouldn’t separate from their guns except from their “cold dead hands”.

    The most dangerous animals on the planet are armed humans, and people are pissing them off from the comfort of their homes. Sadly, this can get people hurt.

    And then of course you’re talking all high and mighty, while you’re trapped in the meat cage just like they are, just like we all are! And, I suspect being intelligent, you also probably have a healthy sense of self preservation…a lot of people out there don’t. People with guns…scary! But I suspect you lack the imagination to *really* understand what it must be like to genuinely fear for your life, the abyss, or states of woe.

    What I would find *highly* interesting, are what countries are really shining right now. Germany with their educated work force? India and China? Er…well…are they really shining? Switzerland for not having a bunch of jack holes? That’s the best we can do as a species?

    The world isn’t as bright and shiny as we thought it was as kids. Tell me where the bright spots are. Tell me where the good people are, because I’m already struggling to sync up with them.

  2. Anonymous said,

    Atheism is the amphetamine of the infidel, the self administered drug of despair, the denial of the universe’s mysteries; the intrinsic nature of the Sociapth coupled with the belief that Metaphysics has answered the role in wtich we play ourselves, unwittingly doing the work of Lucifer and the Dark Matter Masters.Who created the creator You may well ask in mocking tones of self bafflement,The unholy Trinity of MsTeenBirmingham,Yourself and PeasLoveHarmony are indeed the bringers of the Apocalypse.I cast you out demon “Begone” !

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