Neo-fascism is ahead, folks

January 10, 2011 at 8:28 pm (politics)

There is an air of putrid puerility in Congress, the result of thirty years of corporatocracy. Americans voted overwhelmingly in favor for Republicans this past October and opened the floodgates to neo-fascist government takeover. Americans voted not because of any particular bill that was passed, but because of legitimate concern for Congress and the direction of America. Congress is under Republican power now, and that is not a good thing at all.
The Republicans have set themselves up in the media as the party of the Constitution. If we are to discuss the idea in historical terms, the Federalists at the Constitutional Convention were classical liberals. They were for small, yet centralized government. They were for abolishing any tyrannical power held by the government. As any historian or political scientist would tell you, modern-day conservatism is not compatible in any way with classical liberalism. Those who voted for Republicans are majoritarily white and Christian fundamentalists. Despite textbook and Constitutional evidence for this country being secular in origin, conservatives are closed-mindedly convinced that this nation is God’s nation. “We the people”, not “thou Lord and savior” are the opening words. And we the people need to understand what’s going on in this country. Too much misinformation runs rampant for this democracy to hold together. In fact a democracy can’t take place with it’s citizens so misinformed.
And what’s causing the misinformation is the media. Instead of the American population watching direct feeds of Washington, we are putting trust in political commentators. In Sociology, we call this “indirect spectatorism“. As Roger Price said, “someone else is even doing our watching for us.” He was referring to sports, but the same is true for politics. You see only what the commentator shows you. This indirect spectatorism is the main cause of the division in our country. Despite the classic communications formula for the sender-receiver relationship, only one variable actually exists in this case. The reciever. There is no longer debate between the commentator and the viewer of the program. The average American doesn’t take the time to discern the truth of what he is told.



  1. seidos said,

    I don’t know about *fascism*, but i believe plutocracy is alive and well. i really believe that the rich in this country are too busy doing their thing to really be mad at each other, and there are rich republicans and democrats. the people in the House i think do get mad at each other, but when i watch cspan, the senators are quite cordial.

    i bet the guy that screamed out “you lie” to Obama was probably a member of the House, and not a senator. i really don’t care enough right now to check though. my view on politics is to lead by example, stop criticizing other people, and propose the policies that you want to implemented or repealed.

    you’re right though, where is the transparency that Obama wanted to implement? truth is, i don’t think Obama is really in control. I suspect the bureaucracy knows that he will be gone in 4 years, (maybe 8), and they will drag their feet in order to keep their jobs, which i suspect many of which are unnecessary.

    do you want to be free from dukkha?

  2. seidos said,

    • cw1925 said,

      Oh, that’s hilarious. Btw, your website is fantastic, sir.

      • seidos said,

        gratitude for your compliment, sir.

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