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October 18, 2010 at 10:13 am (Uncategorized)…d/#comment-731:

I have arrived at the conclusion that belief in a “God”, however that is even defined, is based on faith. Any other assertions to the contrary are philosophical suicide.

However, the whole atheism philosophy is an attempt to prove a negative, thereby making non-belief in God axiomatic (i am hesitant to consider belief in “God” axiomatic, because i don’t think it’s self-evident, though i have seen some define God as essentially the Big Bang, so i guess it is tricky here since we are talking about a variable word).

i guess my only problem with atheism now is that i’m concerned about what it’s aim is. if the aim is to prove there is no God, this is a rather silly aim, since it is impossible to prove an axiom. So, i’d hope the point of atheism in the future is just to point out the damage that religion does (when it does do damage) to balance out its negative aspects (child sexual abuse for example).

Thanks for writing the post.

And my reply:

You, sir, win a cookie for best comment ever published on my blog. The future of atheism is the same as the future of science (including both social and physical). Currently we’re in the political sphere, which is a big triumph for atheism. As long as intelligent design and creationism stay in their corner of the playing field, the future of science will go unhindered.


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  1. cw1925 said,

    Also, I would like to say that, logically, axioms can be proven, but only when identified with qualities. For example, I would take the axiom that gravity keeps me on the ground. To prove this, I would need to know the qualities of gravity. The qualities are: the downward pull of matter on the earth, not floating away, and speed differentiations. Based off these three qualities, I can say without doubt that gravity is indeed keeping me on the ground.

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