For once, on the issue of homosexuality, the conservatives get it right

August 5, 2010 at 10:29 pm (homosexuality)

But, unfortunately for them, their reasoning fucks up a bit. This is on reference to the recent striking down of Prop. 8.

A federal judge, whom is openly gay, may very well have biasedly ruled in favor of homosexual marriage. Now, I’m all for same-sex marriage, but I’m writing this article from a strictly legal-based perspective. The 10th Constitutional Amendment says that states have the right to legislate laws on their own, without the federal government telling them whether or not their laws are federally constitutional. The original count for Prop. 8 was 52.5 percent to 47.5 percent leading on “Yes”. This is what the people wanted, and not what a federal judge has to say.

I realize that my position is not at all going to get me any brownie points, but again, from a legal perspective, the conservatives are correct in yelling tyranny.



  1. Logi said,

    Not quite true. Otherwise, certain states would (at least in the past) get to keep things like discrimination and segregation through majority vote.

    • cw1925 said,

      Your reply wins sir. I am called out, and I should indeed apologize for my deficit in knowledge of how history has worked in the past. I have forgotten the Civil Rights Movement. You’re absolutely correct.

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