Add some words to your vocabulary

May 11, 2010 at 2:05 pm (Uncategorized)

cockaigne: utopia (pronounced like cocaine)
asseverate: to affirm solemnly
desideratum: something desired as a necessity
Oligodactyl: having fewer toes or fingers than normal, i.e., after using a table saw
Theodactyl: the finger of God — an F5 tornado
Having worked in travel for a good chunk of my life, an obvious synonym for many travel agents (particularly here in the often grey UK) would be heliopolists. That said, knowing from thousands of people’s feedback over the years that the sun is not always what they truly seek (despite perhaps their believing to the contrary), I do like to think that ‘travellers’, rather than ‘holiday-makers’, are rather more anthropolatric — finding the answers to their ‘big questions’ in the kindness and wisdom of other human beings from far-flung lands and cultures, rather than from a sunbed reading the latest Dan Brown.
-Dan Green (Dan.Green

Heliotheodactylatry: Worshipping the fingers and the toes of the sun god (that is, rays of the sun), not to be confused with sunbathing. It’s a real thing, observe the eastward facing fenestration of some churches.
-Jon Beardsley (jon.s.beardsley

Theodactyl: the focal point of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam.
-Faldage, via Wordsmith Talk bulletin board

Theopoly: religion for hire; organized religion
-Thomas Green (tagreen97

Theophagy: (god eating), relating to the Eucharist and similar rites.
-Jeff Turner (jturner

Theodactyl: Medieval class of representations of assumption of deities or saints, in which feet can be seen disappearing into clouds. Also, conversely, in which fingers of god reach down, point, or hand down instructions.
-Sheila Michaels (shemichaels

Oligotheolatry: the worship of only a few gods.
“People who have trouble keeping track of the Roman Pantheon should choose a more oligtheolatrous religion — Christianity’s “Triune God” might be a good start.” — translated from a fragment of propaganda from the reign of Constantine, circa 314.
-Allen Foster (allen

Heliodactyl: having sunburned toes from wearing flip flops without sunscreen.
-Marilynn Hart (msh1542

Theodactylatry: A devoted fixation on the place on the Sistine Chapel ceiling where God’s finger touches that of man.
-Nancy Wilson (wilsonna

Heliodactyl: (sun-fingers) Like rays of sunlight shining through partial clouds or foliage. In the depths of the redwood forest, Roland was cheered by the heliodactyl light piercing the mist.
-Allison Hershey (alliefiona

Email of the Week
(Email of the Week (Introducing One Up! – Smart Always Wins.)

Theogony: origin of gods
Oligogony: the very beginning
Artiogony: the number 2
Heliogony: the Big Bang
Hagiogony: martyrdom

Theopoly: selling of idols
Oligopoly: a failing business
Artiopoly: a lottery
Heliopoly: a tanning salon
Hagiopoly: trading in relics

Theodactyl: acting as the hands and feet of God
Oligodactyl: having fewer fingers or toes than normal
Artiodactyl: having an even number of fingers or toes
Heliodactyl: having unusually warm hands or feet
Hagiodactyl: a saint’s relic consisting of finger or toe bones

Theolatry: worship of gods
Oligolatry: worship of the simple life
Artiolatry: worship of even numbers
Heliolatry: sun worship
Hagiolatry: worship of the saints

Theography: the writings of gods, or about gods
Oligography: writing haiku
Artiography: writing of sonnets
Heliography: the path of the sun across the sky
Hagiography: a biography of a saint
-Becky Becker (bbecker001


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