Philosophy is stupid-Encyclopedia of Stupid

April 22, 2010 at 2:25 pm (humor, philosophy is bullshit)

Funny, but oh so true. From…php/Philosophy:

Philosophy is stupid.
Philosophy is, simply put, the attempt to explain why everything is so stupid. Philosophy started out sometime before 1975 when Rene Descartes used it as a parlor trick to prove that nothing really existed. Alarmed by his success, he set out quickly to prove that he couldn’t possibly be right, and failed miserably. The best he could come up with was that he alone existed, because if he didn’t exist he couldn’t ask if he existed (“I think, therefore I am”). Unfortunately for the rest of us he was unable to prove that we exist and so reality now hangs in a limbo inside the remnants of the psychic energy of Descartes’ mind.
Eventually Immanuel Kant came along and said basically that it was ok that nothing existed and we should direct our energy elsewhere instead of worrying about it so much. Ayn Rand came along and wrote 1300 books about what a moron Kant was. Somewhat later Wittgenstein came. Wittgenstein focused his entire life on the problem of language, and concluded that since we could all communicate with language, we were all stupid.
Thus we have the ultimate knowledge that has been the holy grail of Philosophy all along: absolutely no answers at all. You would do better to go back to calculating pi.


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  1. Links99 said,

    That Descartes guy is the father of analytic geometry, came up with the cartesian coordinate system that bears his name. Kant was an astrophysicist and mathematician. I hate ayn Rand, but she’s a novelist not a philosopher. Science is a branch of natural philosophy, Plato founded what would become the modern college at his Academy grove from which the modern university formed. Aristotle began the system of logic upon which all subsequent scientific progress was based. Without those stupid philosophers there would be no “science”, not to mention through philosophy mathematics was formalized, Everyone on this forum is completely devoid of historical knowledge, they blindly love science like a god, and just as irrationally as the religious. Not to mention that All the conversations on this forum are philosophical in nature, what a bunch of hypocrisy!

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