“What are your thoughts on religion?” girl gives final response

March 31, 2010 at 12:37 pm (Uncategorized)

Remember the lady of whom I wrote what I knew about the Bible? (And her response of which I didn’t post?) Well, this is her final response:

A Man I Met the Other Day
Mon, 29th March, 2010
Last saturday I asked students around MSU what their idea of religion was. Out of all the responses I recieved, the one from a man (who I will not name) stuck out. Thinking his anwer would turn into a friendship, I asked him what he knew about the bible. His anwser was long, shocking and against all I have ever believed in. How could a human deny the existance of his creator? I felt sorry for him and tried to talk to him again. He became insulted and said to stop contacting him. Being the passionate person I am, I attempted for the last time to mend this broken mess. In the end, I was called immature, something that noone in their right mind would call me. In fact all my friends think I am TOO mature. I believe this man wanted me to feel defeated. He did the opposite. I feel even stronger about my convictions. If he is wrong and God is real, then he is in for a rude awakening. I hope someone will come along to witness to his soul. This story shows that your beliefs WILL be attacked. The devil is out there trying to get rid of God’s children. You must keep fighting. It’s hard when people slam your pride but you have to get up and try again!


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