A night at the Christ Ambassadors

March 31, 2010 at 9:07 pm (Uncategorized)

A friend by the name of Kyle Whitaker who runs a blog of his own invited me to a Christ Ambassadors meeting. I’m kind of tired of evaluating church services, but I’ll do it again just for him.
Before the meeting began, I was love bombed by the means of handshaking and smiles in an attempt to retreat me to their side. This was annoying, but I managed to put up with it. Once the meeting began, music took in the form of a Christian rock band playing music with the theater screen in the background displaying the lyrics to the songs. The members raised their hand in a similar fashion to the image below to praise their God:

During this extremely hypnotic period, I felt blood rushing in my neck and goosebumps appear on my back. It was a good feeling, but it wasn’t from God.
Then they proceeded to the video. The video showed the members going to the Bahamas and spreading the word (a totally unethical thing to do, but that’s what religious people do). One of the things I noticed was that they preached the word in a high school, something pointed out as an illegal thing to do in the US (there’s a damn good reason for that!). Now I was offended, because why should someone tell my future children what to believe when it comes to faith? How would they like it if Islam was taught in the public schools? Exactly.
Somewhere along the way, I forget when exactly, the collection plate was passed around. As though God needs money… (Thanks George Carlin.)
Then he went to his sermon. I won’t go into the whole sermon, but his highlights included speaking on Jeremiah 1:4-5 (miraculously without mentioning abortion!), saying that people need to stop using the internet so much and read (I like this a lot), and spoke on Joseph being God’s favorite. But, I seem to remember other people God’s favorite, but perhaps I’m being forgetful.


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