How faith works

March 12, 2010 at 1:46 pm (philosophy is bullshit)

You could also interchange the word faith with philosophy:


  1. Anonymous said,

    as if science itself is not a philosophi?

    • cw1925 said,

      No it’s not. If you look at how science works on a daily basis, it uses technology to its advantage to find the inner workings of our world. Science does not pretend that reality isn’t socially constructed, but it does approach the world objectively. Philosophy gives unwarranted credibility to subjectively-minded people. In philosophy, you can make up anything and be considered a genius, but in science the same is not true.

      • Anonymous said,

        You may as well have said that mammals aren’t vertebrates:

        If you look at how a mammal works on a daily basis, it uses hair or fur to its advantage to regulate its body temperature. A mammal does not pretend that its life isn’t dependent upon temperature, but it does approach the world from within a safe temperature range. A vertebrate gives unwarranted credibility to cold-blooded lifeforms. In a vertebrate, you can die from not sunning yourself on a rock, but in a mammal the same is not true

    • Anonymous said,

      boo, anti-sock-puppet technology forces me to own my typo instead of pretending that it was someone else who said it

  2. cw1925 said,

    I perhaps was not clear enough when I said that “in science the same is not true.” In science, ideas are proposed all the time. These are called hypotheses. However, hypotheses are difficult to become theories, as theories are relatively rare in science.

    I do not understand what the point of your mammal-body temperature example is. Please elaborate.

    • Anonymous said,

      Philosophy includes science. Philosophy also includes a lot of garbage. To act like science isn’t a particular philosophy is mistaken. Badmouthing the garbage that philosophy includes is fine, but pretending science isn’t philosophy because it doesn’t include that garbage is mistaken.

      • cw1925 said,

        Philosophy use to be a big part of science, but since the mid-to-late 90s, philosophy has branched off. Logical positivism is one of philosophy’s great redeemers. I personally use a lot of philosophical thinking everyday, but I have to constantly remind myself it’s nonsensical if doesn’t improve my life.

        For example: I personally am a nihilist, I realize this is a philosophical continuum of its own. Because I view this as a philosophical explanation of the universe and it has no real bearings on how I should approach life, I avoid blogging on this principal. Therefore, no matter how much I agree with the nihilistic explanation of reality, I must make a constant effort to avoid discussion on the concept. Nihilism has too much irony in it for any serious debate to be brought forth on the subject.

        In the end, only the physical construction of the universe can be objectively inquired. Metaphysics and grammatical constructs are rightfully left out of the scientific equation.

  3. Anonymous said,

    In a conversation where people are debating this post, someone on the side of the original poster said:
    “Science takes the stand, as it were, that here are the beginning postulates, if you will, and from these reasoning takes us to different places. Science doesn’t take a stand on what underlies those postulates, and acknowledges that there may be differing things discovered in the future than are conceived of currently. String Theory’s a good example. In other words, Science acknowledges there are things it can’t explain and leaves it at that rather than insisting upon non-objective, non-observable explanations.”
    Do you who wrote this article stand by that statement?

    • cw1925 said,

      That seems to lack clarity though. Everything is axioms in this world, but faith only works in a philosophical sense. Faith doesn’t work anywhere else in the real world except religion.

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