Talking to philosophical idiots

March 9, 2010 at 10:50 pm (philosophy is bullshit)

Over at…theists-worry/, we have an asshole on our hands. Godlessons is a solipsist, one who views that only he exists. I hate philosophy, primarily because it too disables serious critical thinking.
What I particularly took interest in was this:

What a Strong Atheist Needs to Defend Himself

A strong atheist merely needs to say, “I have faith that there is no god.” I know it seems rather unsettling, but the fact is, atheism does not make positive claims about anything, it rather makes positive claims about nothing, which is a much more defensible position than theism is.

Atheism merely rejects claims that are contrary to logic and reason. You can add that you have come to disbelieve every claim ever made for the existence of a god because they are self contradictory or silly or whatever other reason you want, and you find it more believable that man created gods than gods created man. Taking the evidence one step further, you can say that no gods exist, and if challenged to prove your position, you can merely claim faith.

Imagine if a theist were to tell you that it doesn’t matter what reality is, they believe based solely on faith and evidence doesn’t matter. What would you say to them? I’ve only had it happen once, but I was struck dumb. As atheists though, we have the added benefit of being able to shoot down every single claim for the existence of a god, so supporting your belief is not near the daunting task that theists face when questioned about their beliefs.

If he deletes my comments, here’s an archive of the entire webpage:…MTg2YzRi&hl=en.

Update: I made one more comment, and here is a backup if he deletes that comment:…ZjQxZjMx&hl=en.



  1. Godlessons said,

    Who are you talking to when you say “we”? Looking at your blog, it doesn’t look as if anyone reads it. Are you just trolling my blog to see if you can’t get some traffic?

    First of all, I am not a solipsist. I just say that in order to get out of a solipsism you have to have faith that your senses are actually giving you information outside your own mind. You don’t like to admit to having faith though, so you get pissed and throw a fit.

    You could have come to my blog and said you disagree, and made an intelligent argument, but you chose to make a stupid statement and then resort to name calling.

    Having said that, since you seem quite opposed to using things like knowledge and logic, because that would be “PHILOSOPHY”, I know where to send stupid people. Fortunately though, stupid people don’t comment on my blog much. In fact, including you, I would say that there have only been 3 obviously stupid people that I can remember. I prefer to keep it that way. So, anyone reading this that doesn’t have the intelligence to even understand the basics of epistemology or logic, stay here. I prefer a higher level of intelligence on my blog.

  2. cw1925 said,

    This is what faith does to you. It disables your critical thinking mechanism. Continue with ad hominems all you want. If you were truly as brilliant as you think you are, you wouldn’t be stuck in the BCE era. You’re teaching your children to think like this? You’re a child abuser.

  3. Godlessons said,

    Do you think I’m a theist? I’m an atheist dude. I’m not out teaching people that believing things unnecessarily is always proper, just that there are certain things that have to be taken on faith, since there is no other way to think that makes sense.

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