The first atheist blogger?

March 4, 2010 at 10:16 pm (Blue-Grass Blade)


In a post at Religion in American History, I just learned about an atheist newspaperman who I’d never heard of before. His name was Charles Chilton Moore (1837-1906), an atheist who modeled himself after his contemporary, Robert Ingersoll.

One major difference was region – Moore resided in Lexington, Kentucky, surely one of the holes in the Bible Belt. That’s where Moore started up his paper, The Bluegrass Blade, one of America’s earliest (the earliest?) papers that was explicitly atheist.

Charles Chilton Moore is a new hero of mine, particularly because he was right here in the good ol’ state of Kentucky! You can find scans of his “Blue-Grass Blade” articles here:…first_pages/1/ (starting from February 11, 1900!). I created a mirror of the first newspaper here:…MGE4ZTIw&hl=en.

Deemed to be the most hated man in America, he ended up getting jailed for blasphemy, but was pardoned by president William McKinley. That’s what I call a president of the people! How many presidents would pardon atheists nowadays? Not many.


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