A word from Reed Braden on LGBT Christians

February 10, 2010 at 12:50 pm (homosexuality, politics)

From http://jessicasideways.com/blog/1354…what-the-fuck/:

Reed Braden on his blog touched on Gay Christians and their dishonesty about Christian doctrine and it’s support for homosexuality or transsexuality (although not much has been said by the Metropolitan Community Church on this matter). While doctrinal arguments are all well and good, I have to ask one question – what is it about Christianity that requires revision in order to make it more palatable to the gay community? In this post, I want to explain how homosexual, bisexual, pansexual and transsexual people are better off because Christianity opposes us and, therefore, we have the opportunity to build up our bullshit immunity much easier than the straight world. I also intend to touch on our history as a community and why it is more important and better for our community to remember Christianity as it is, a force that is very hostile to our community. Once I do that, I want to expound on many of the things Christianity has done to the human race in the past and touch lightly on the psychological damage Christianity does to another human being.

Basically, the thing I want to stress, clearly, that we as a community are lucky in one respect. This is that, for the most part, the Christian church is deeply hostile towards us and there is one good thing about this. It is that we are automatically immune from the conversion efforts of the brain-dead Xian zombies that want to make you one of them. Any gay person who is fully aware and proud of their sexuality will know just how intellectually dishonest Christianity really is and will work to fight it off like the plague. Since gays and lesbians are good parents, they would never indoctrinate their children with this crap seeing as they know full well what they could become if they were to be raised Christian. They could be like every other fundamentalist evangelical prick and be so hateful towards gays, women and knowledge that they would be a shame to their family. With proper religious education, I am certain that gay and lesbian parents can properly immunize their children from the bullshit that is Christianity.

It is said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it and I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. We need to remember who the progenitors of so much animosity and hate against the LGBT community are. We need to remember who the progenitors of all the bills and legal actions that deny us our equal rights are. If you live in an English speaking country, which is where I assume most of my readers will live, it is the Christian church that has led the opposition against equal rights for gays in any measure. And it is not just in the English speaking world but in Central and South America, where the Catholic church wields horribly strong influence and Europe, where religion still creeps it’s ugly head where it does not belong. Even eastern European countries that have emerged from Soviet rule have a creepy Catholic majority. This is an abuse of the people and we should be fighting against the church for the freedom of thought being siphoned off in these areas. The point is though, if we do not accurately remember Christianity for the enemy that it truly is, we will surely suffer a stab in the back when people start to choose to interpret the Bible more literally.

The Christian church is not new to the act of suppressing human rights, they have been doing it for centuries and been set up for it since the dawn of the religion. They have been the main opposition for the equal rights of women, including the current bans on abortion, which are to stop a woman’s right to choose. They have been in opposition of freedom of religion, which is why the majority of African Americans follow Christianity instead of the religions followed by their ancestors in Africa. The Christian scriptures dictate how to treat slaves, making approval of the practice implicit, and was even used to defend slavery by Jefferson Davis of the Confederate States of America. The Anglican Church had a huge part in the trade of slaves and has only recently apologized for their actions, even though they were technically biblical, they were still inhumane. The American Government used the doctrine of manifest destiny to take control of every square inch of land from sea to shining sea, killing and displacing many first nations people in their wake. This is hardly a religion of peace, given the amount of suffering and bloodshed that is left in it’s wake.

Christianity would rather have us resigned to the corner, to be stuck in one of those anti-gay camps full of pseudoscience and lies rather than to be ourselves, openly and honestly. This causes either a bunch of fear in those who are closeted and worried that anyone finding out would send them off or for someone to deny their own sexuality to the very bitter end. If you need a real life example, look at the fallen Rev Ted Haggard, who lived the life of Christian superstar/leader of a megachurch by day and by night, went off to see a gay prostitute for gay sex and drugs. Even today, he cannot admit that he is gay, which is saddening considering the fact that he will never be able to have a truly loving, honest, caring, happy relationship with someone he is romantically involved with. Is this what we really want in our community? A religion that tells people to hide in the closet, be something you are not, deny your attraction to the same-sex or be an outcast?

But then, there poses another question – if god is perfect, why the hell did he create transsexuals knowing that his followers would make it hell for them to transition and be who they truly are? If Christianity is true, the God of the Bible is obviously a sadistic fuck simply because he makes so many people correctly but makes a few “some assembly required”. Transsexuals have to pay through the nose for our transition and I am not just talking about money, since we lose friends and people we hold dear through the need to be ourselves. Because of this, I am inclined to believe that the God of the Bible, the God of Death is obviously as real as Santa Claus simply because no being that malevolent could have possibly created the entire world. I think he would have gone madder than he already is, not being able to destroy anything or starve an African child to death, literally. It is obvious based on the happenings in our world that the God of Death does not care about petty human affairs. But I will tell you who does care about petty human affairs, the priesthood.

Yes, the priesthood – the dishonest scumbags that see homosexuality as evil for one purpose and one purpose only, maximizing and maintaining proper flow into the church. Yes, those guys, you can already tell how I feel about them but I will continue to tell you why. They are telling the public that homosexuality is bad for one purpose – homosexuals cannot make babies as irresponsibly as heterosexual couples can. These babies that heterosexual couples can accidentally have can be properly indoctrinated with their bullshit and be another warm body in the pews giving their tithe each and every Sunday. For a lesbian or gay couple to have children, a lot of planning must go into it, such options as in vitro fertilization, surrogacy or adoption may be used. These options, however are quite time consuming and many times, expensive. My wife and I cannot adopt simply because she has a felony conviction due to the unjust nature of the justice system of occupied America, so we are likely going to have to resign ourselves to surrogacy. But our children will definitely be taught the positive values of love, justice, honour and logic.

Christianity is obviously not worth it, so why it is that so many gay people willing to defend this misogynistic hateful force? The god of the bible can only hurt you if people believe in him, so obviously what we need to work on is popping the myth of the Christian fairy tale. This is what gay people should be focused on, working towards helping people to truly understand Christianity. Once they see what a hateful, bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, ignorant religion it truly is and we can start working to undo the damage that the Christian faith has caused in ourselves and our society, not to mention our world. We need to accurately remember our history and our enemies so that the mistakes of the past surely do not repeat themselves.


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