Gnosticism/Theism/Atheism/Agnosticism defined

December 25, 2009 at 2:15 pm (agnosticism)

This is how I would rank the list:

  1. Gnostic theism: the confident assertion of “I know there’s a god” or “I know there are gods.”
  2. Theism: believing in a god or gods.
  3. Deism: belief in a god, but believing that the god has no interference with the universe. A variation of this is polydeism.
  4. Agnostic theim: the viewpoint that a god or gods exist, but the nature of these deities are unknowable.
  5. Weak agnosticism: the belief of god is currently unknowable, but may one day be so. Judgment is reserved until then.
  6. Ignosticism: the refusal to use labels on oneself until a much more clear definition of theism arises.
  7. Agnosticism: knowledge of truth is unreachable.
  8. Strong agnosticism: the belief that it is impossible for humans to know whether or not any deities exist.
  9. Agnostic atheism: believing there’s no man-made gods in existence, but strongly open to the possibility that a god or gods still may exist. Also called strong agnostic atheism.
  10. Implicit atheism: the so-called de facto atheist. Those who have not been made aware of a god or gods. This is where one will not reject or accept the idea of a god or gods.
  11. Weak atheism: this refers to any other type of non-theism, wherein a person does not believe any deities exist, but does not claim that same statement is false.
  12. Strong atheism: a strong disbelief in the existence of deities.
  13. Antitheism/Explicit atheism: active opposition to theism. Possibly also anti-agnostic.
  14. Gnostic atheism: the assertion of “I know there are no gods”.

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  1. savagespirit said,

    If I die in error of judgment to find there is no God, i have lost nothing. You on their other hand if you die & err on the side to find that there is a Infinite Intelligent Creator, which you defiantly denied, you have wagered & lost infinitely more then can be recovered, your immortal soul.
    Rom 6:23

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