The Mythology According to Chris Carter

December 5, 2009 at 11:45 pm (x-files)


Chris Carter Conspiracy Explanation

The “Method” as they called it, though it was more so a “germ-line”
procedure of singular meta-scientific complexity, had been given to them
by the alien Colonists as a “Quid-Pro-Quo.” The Syndicate would help them to
create a population of alien hybrids who would hide in plain sight, cloned
from human ova and alien bio-material. So there would be a cloned race
immune to the effects of the black oil when the return to the planet began.

For this, the Syndicate would be sequestered, granted a sort of immunity or
asylum, given a place in the grander scheme. They were the Vischy government
to the German Final Solution, collaborationists whose motivation was simple,
self-directed survival. These cloning operations were spread across the
country, the cataloging and record-keeping, done through a complex
intra-institutional system that connected to every branch of government,
from the Social Security Administration to the Department of Defense.

The operation, under the working title “Purity Control,” had been launched in
1948, its original conception the brainchild of German scientists given
immunity themselves from war crimes and allowed to continue the eugenic
experiments that were Hitler’s dark legacy. The Syndicate had begun as a
subset of a shadow-intelligence agency whose original orders were to create
“plausible denial” and an effective cover-up of Purity Control.

But through fifty years, numerous U.S. and U.N. administrations, the
principles began to wrest control, accumulating power and influence across
international borders. Such that, by 1990, the operation ceased to have a
member accountable to any one government and whose only orders would be taken
from a man named Strugholdt, a German industrialist who had fled his homeland
to Northern Africa.

These men, whose knowledge and access provided control of a foreseeable future,
had in spite of this, everything to lose. Their secret work–the cloning
preparations and the cataloging–constituted their greatest vulnerability:
Exposure. Their detection would ensure not just their own demise but a
far-reaching dissolution of social and religious order around the globe.

To protect against this, the Syndicate employed methods of disinformation,
using covert government programs (that had been regrettably discovered) as a
kind of smoke-screen–a dodge or blind where the transgressions of Congress-
accountable agencies served to hide their more odious undertaking. They had
even, at times, used the UFO phenomenon to create an hysteria that science and
the intelligencia denounced so completely as to make belief, and believers,
seem ridiculous and completely discreditable.

They had also, in a crisis, used a tool of the Colonists themselves – Alien
bounty-hunters who policed the cloning operations and enforced rule on the
countdown to Colonization–A double-edged sword whose cold-blooded tactics
could help to stem a leak or threat but who would also watch on the Syndicate
a threat in itself, as the Syndicate had something to hide that not even the
Colonists knew of, a vaccine against the “black oil,” an innoculate against
the substance in which the alien life-force was held. In fact, the very
medium of the life-force itself.

To guard this secret was perhaps even more critical than the truth of the
existence of alien life and of colonization. If the Syndicate’s own secret
vaccine were discovered, a vaccine that would make themselves immune from the
effects of the black oil, they would certainly be destroyed and the timetable
for colonization stepped-up. They would protect this secret with their lives.
They would kill to protect it, as it symbolized the only hope they had of
avoiding enslavement when the planet was overtaken. That they had been able to,
over decades, conduct their work on the vaccine undetected was a result of a
code among the Syndicate members that put honor and the future above personal
politics. But now this code was beginning to break down, an incipient scramble
for power beginning to develop, a threat from within that doubled the threat
from without,……from Agents Mulder and Scully and the X-Files.

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