Atheists are louder than homosexuals on the topic of gay rights

December 4, 2009 at 12:43 am (homosexuality)

Why is it that atheists are the least trusted minority in America, gay rights is the least contested topic among teenagers, but for some reason atheists and Jews are the overwhelming majority of activists for gay rights? Why is it that there aren’t more so-coined gaytheists out there (when the religious hate you for what you were born as)? Why are there so many careless homosexuals when it comes to politics? Why are homosexuals so ignorant on the biology of homosexuality? Atheists are speaking up, we’re speaking out. is a great example. Homosexuals, it seems, are still silent, or at least, barely mumbling. As can be seen with the recent loss in New York.

Dear homosexuals: get loud. Start becoming politically active. Reevaluate the religious arguments for the denial of your rights to enjoy the same things I do. Reject Christianity and Islam. Join the intellectual fight against religious extremism and their monopoly over morality. Stand up for yourselves. America does not work on autopilot. It’s the United States of America.

and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Oh, and I guess I’ll advertise to help you get started.



  1. Michelle said,

    I’d challenge the idea that the LGBT community (or the women’s rights movement, or the secular movement, or whatever movement you want to throw out there) is suffering political set backs because they’re not loud or politically active enough.

    It’s because we’ve put our eggs all into one basket. The DNC has figured out that the liberals, the atheists, the LGBT, the women — we’re not going to go vote for the RNC. We, perhaps incorrectly, assumed that they promises we were hearing from the majority of the party would be something that would come to fruition. So they have the freedom to pander to the religious “moderates” who really just want to control what goes on in the bedrooms and in the uteruses of the world, and they’re desperately seeking to stay in power with the new-found population that voted for them this last election.

    This last election cycle, we voted for the people we thought would support our agendas. We were wrong.

  2. cw1925 said,

    Well, I can tell you that in Kentucky, the LGBT movement in KY is not very loud at all.

  3. bawnalbub said,

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  4. CelfFluergele said,

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