Agnosticism is not exempt from criticism (part 1)

October 21, 2009 at 11:15 am (agnosticism)

Agnostics are just as lazy, if not lazier, and void of scientifically critical thinking as theists. Agnostics will go so far as to avoid going to church, and may speak out against religion. And that’s all fine and dandy. But they will also speak out against anti-theists, such as myself, and call it dogmatic or fundamentalist. This is erroneous thinking on their part. I have a couple of theories about how agnosticism works (speaking on behalf of my own experience with being agnostic):

  • The agnostic still experiences the hypnotic effects of religion, and may at times “hear that still, small voice of God” (1 Kings 19:12), and will use that to self-confirm that there’s a god.
  • The agnostic doesn’t know how to think scientifically.
  • The agnostic doesn’t know the evidence for evolution, abiogenesis, or the Big Bang, of which combined are sure to de-convert anyone to atheism.
  • The agnostic may see atheism as a religion.
  • And finally, the agnostic doesn’t realize that animals are atheists as well.


  1. Joanne said,

    Being a soft agnostic myself, I must disagree – for one thing, remember that a major component of scientific thinking is open-mindedness. My personal examination of the arguments for and against both theism and atheism has led me to think that neither is conclusive i.e. our current methods acquiring and interpreting knowledge are insufficient to arrive at the absolute ultimate conclusion – especially with regards to something as encompassing as the nature and origin of the universe and hence the existence of a “creator” – therefore sticking with either would, in my opinion, be very unscientific.

    I think anyone can believe what they want to believe as long as they don’t harm others, and I have nothing against the major religions: what I really don’t like is the way some people, past and present, have manipulated and corrupted religion to suit their selfish interests at great expense to others.

    Also, your statement that “animals are atheists” is totally irrelevant and somewhat anthropomorphic. Animals do not believe in gods simply because, as far as we know, they do not have the intellectual capacity to concieve of all-knowing, ever-present and omnipotent higher beings, and not because they’ve figured out long ago that gods do not exist.

    Finally, since nothing is exempt from criticism, allow me to provide my own criticism of atheists(note that i said “atheists” and not “atheism as a belief system”): I am deeply irritated by the way some atheists look down on all non-atheists as if they were intellectually inferior and are incapable of critical logic and scientific reasoning; In that respect, they are no different from theists who look down on all non-theists as immoral and evil.

  2. cw1925 said,

    You’re quickly forgetting that we as homo sapien sapiens have evolved from once having no “intellectual capacity to concieve [sic] of all-knowing, ever-present and omnipotent higher beings, and not because they’ve figured out long ago that gods do not exist.”

    I don’t look down on non-theists and agnostics, but rather the intelligence level. Open-mindedness means further researching until you reach a solid conclusion if any. I know there is no god because I’ve looked at the “evidence”, i.e. the Bible for the religion I grew up in. It’s filled with fables, etc. Therefore, the god of that religion does not exist in the form it says it does. I’ve looked at other churches, none of them turned out to be conclusive. I’ve looked toward other religions, and they are all kooky. No, secularism and atheism make the most sense, because the nonexistence of god is necessary for progress and harmony. I criticize agnosticism as I criticize Scientology or Islam.

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