“Can’t you just smell him? He has ‘breeder’ written all over him.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breeder_%28slang%29

October 16, 2009 at 12:57 pm (homosexuality)

Being with the MSU Alliance has taught me more than I could possibly ask for about the secret world of homosexuality. The experience has had its ups and downs, but mostly ups.

I’ve learned about gender identity, the various forms of sexuality, and even the bizarre and unthinkable such as drag shows.

My first plight into the world of drag shows was at a gay bar (not to be confused with the song of the same name). The bar was Club AhZ (pronounced like Oz in The Wizard of Oz|MySpace page|Facebook page). And besides the gay hookups and the “smoking room” (which may or may not have had illegal activity happenstances), there were two showcases of a drag show.

Drag shows are nothing what you think they would be at all. It’s usually either a fashion show of men or women dressing in drag (dress in clothing of the opposite sex). Or it could be lip syncing to various music of any genre. Creepy at first, but you get use to it soon enough.

And last night was the first time I’ve been to a MSU drag show. It was pretty good, with me being the bartender and all (it was funny at the time–I was assigned to sell the drinks, so I relabeled myself bartender even though the campus is anti-alcohol).

Two photos of last night follow:

Oh, and the title refers to some of the drag show’s performers asking me if I was gay or straight. And one of the performers said the quote in the title. I don’t know whether to take offense to it or not. At this time I could care less, but still. WTF?


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