My weekend at the YSA Regional Conference in Nashville, Tennessee

September 22, 2009 at 7:38 pm (homosexuality, Mormonism)

This past weekend, I was invited to something known as a Young Single Adults’ (also here on Regional Conference. The event was entitled “Living a Christ Centered [sic] Life”. It consisted of four rounds of classes.

Among the original three classes to choose from, I first chose “Becoming a Missionary”. The Missionary President gave a speech on how to woo new members into its church. He introduced to us the “2×4 Method” and the “2x2x4 Method”. It’s something about talking about going to each other’s churches and ultimately winning them over by taking them to the “superior” Mormon church.

Next class to go to would be “Finding Answers to Tough Gospel Questions”. Among the topics thrown around are the “contradictions in the Bible and Book of Mormon”, evolution (surprisingly, the church doesn’t take an official stance on the issue), and homosexuality. Homosexuality is a big no-no in the church, and according to the elderly lady who taught the class said that while being homosexual was okay for the Lord (she talked in that it’s-a-disorder-like-eating-can-be-a-disorder kind of tone), the Church was heavily against gay marriage. She said that legalizing same-sex marriage would glorify gay sex, and she said that that was against the Bible. Finally, she then went on to the topic of debating other people. When debating the Bible on topics that aren’t in your “favor”, the best thing to do is to avoid talking about it, because “we can’t really know how the Bible was to be interpreted back then”. Yeah. Okay…

Then, lunch. Which was just hot potatoes and chili.

Then to two more classes on dating advice and speaking. The dating class is just a how-to for Mormon breeding. All Mormons are encouraged to get married inside a Mormon temple.

Then we left for me to go get a haircut, which was two and a half hours too long.

Then we came back just in time to miss dinner.

And lastly, we had a dance and one of the songs to play was, ironically, YMCA. Go figure. Oh, the Mormons, how I love to see how ignorant you guys really are.


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