A woman on her rights to abortion

September 21, 2009 at 5:10 am (abortion debate)

I received this from the Louisville Freethinkers e-mail group:

I’d just like to say I think women’s reproductive choices have largely been made by men, or at least societal pressure in the past. We can never be truly equal to men until we have the same reproductive choices as a man, and abortion plays a big role in that. A man can choose his level of involvement in an unwanted pregnancy (at least until a DNA test is done which can take years, and even then he is only forced to contribute financially), whereas a woman is forced to deal with it immediately one way or another. There are no good options once a pregnancy has occurred. Abortion, adoption, and childrearing, especially alone, are all incredibly difficult (after nine months of bonding, giving the child away is a very difficult emotional choice), but unless we have all of these choices available to us, giving us the power to walk away just like a man could, we are still being oppressed.


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