Awkward conversation with Braden last night

September 15, 2009 at 4:03 pm (Uncategorized)

I still love you Braden. :D


I’m drunk. You’re cute. Discuss.

Uh, this is Charles. I think you’ve got the wrong “cute”.


You’re cute in a geeky sort of way.

Yeah, unfortunately. I’ve been trying to work out so I can get better-looking women. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with 1s.

Maybe it’s my confidence level, I don’t know.


out of 10

Such as, you’re #1 in my book?

Yeah, I suck with women.


Such as, I only seem to have a chance with ass-ugly women.

I usually judge how I look on what type of women I can get.

Maybe you should switch to dudes.

I’ve been told I should.

I’m at least a 6 and I would let you plow me like an Amish guy plows his fields.

I actually roomed with a gay roommate a couple of years ago, and he hit on me all the time. I finally asked him “make me hot.” And, he did (I guess, Idk). After that, he hit on me even harder.

All day long and ending covered in sweat with the only thing standing between heam and death by exhaustion being a tall glass of water.

I almost went out on a date with him, actually, just to see what it would have been like. He was the drama type though.

That’s actually pretty beautiful.

We talk from time to time, he’s cool.

But seriously, I want to ride you like a carousel horse.

Up and down continuously with bad music in the background and little children screaming all around me.

Wow. That’s epic.

Honestly, if I had even a little experience in the bed, I might consider it, just for the sociological experience. I don’t give a shit what people would say, and how homophobic people would gear toward me.

There have been sociologists who’ve studies gay culture, and in doing so, they went so far as to have sex with homosexuals, bisexuals, transexuals, etc. Just to see what it was like.

You only live once.

I wanna ride you like George Bush rode the prospect of WWIII: Dangerously, with no protection, without the consent of the public and with no exit strategy,


You’re in Virginia, I’m in Kentucky. We need to get out of this shithole country.

And make sweet, sweet love. Why not?

Come to VA and come in me.

(Sex is a big joke to me. Probably because of being raped as a kid. But at least it makes life fun.)

So… yeah… fuck me for the lulz.

Don’t have a car, broke. Going to school. No time.
All failures to be blamed on the Marxist, socialist, communist Obama.

That’s sad. I was beaten as a kid, adopted by the mother I have now.

Fun stuff. We should have tearful, self-hating sex.

Lol. Sadly, I must go to bed. It was fun flirting with you.

Okay… we should still have awkward sex.

Alright. I’ll keep my schedule open. lol
11:01John is offline.


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