Change the name to pro-adoption

August 20, 2009 at 4:32 am (abortion debate)

No, I am not pro-life. I’m pro-choice (and on occasion, flip to pro-abortion).

This is not an article in support of pro-life (, but an article (really a list of criticisms) to provide (as gentle as possible) much-needed criticism to a gray area that I’m just now entering. I didn’t choose to be pro-choice (or pro-gay rights, or anything else that was liberal for that matter) because of what my parents told me to choose. My parents let me decide what was the best path to take on political issues (something I think all can learn from).

  1. Pro-life makes the term in opposition to it (pro-choice) sound like it was pro-death. This is not the case. Pro-choice is the state of being in support of the pregnant woman’s decision to abort or not to abort her unborn baby.
  2. There exists too many lies within the stratosphere of the activism for pro-life. For example, in addition to the above, there’s the comparison of slavery with abortion At this site, you can download a powerpoint (PDFMeNot mirror) giving a slew of points (many just plain false or deceptive).
  3. Drop the Catholic/religious backing. This will be more appealing to the non-religious, and non-Christian religions.
  4. Change the name to something like pro-adoption. Me and a friend had this discussion, of which we both agreed that pro-adoption would be less intimidating, and perhaps more politically correct.

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