The Wentling Sword

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I just thought this was cool.


The Wentling Sword

Over the years, my father (Alfred Duban Bruce, Jr.) would tell us about “The Wentling Sword”. How it was passed down from generation to generation (allegedly to the eldest son in each generation). The story goes that it was a sword carried by Major Adam Wentling who (as the story was told) was an aid to General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. It had been a “family issue” since my father didn’t have the sword (his cousin Michael had it). For some reason, it had been passed to his Uncle Ed and not his father (even though his father was the “eldest son”). Last summer my brother Rob was given the sword by Michael Bruce.

So did Adam Wentling exist? I had done a little snooping around the net a few years ago to try to find information on Adam Wentling. I did receive the following information regarding Adam Wentling back in 2002 in response to a posting I had put up on the Wentling surname message board on


Yes there was a Wentling who served in the revolutionary war.
His name was Adam Wentling and he served two terms under
General Washington and one under “Light Horse” Harry Lee.
this information came Samuel Wentling”s dictation to a W.L.

An interesting tidbit,Adam captured a Hessian by the name of
George Brant who eventually became Samuel’s grandfather…
go figure

David J Mehle

It seemed to match up with the story. The only problem with the story was that I never could find a Wentling connection in our genealogy. That all changed when Bob Bruce (i.e., “Maryland Bob”) made a discovery in a widow’s pension file he came across for Mary (Wentling) Morris. In the file was a marriage certificate between Peter Louis Morris and Mary Wentling. With this discovery, Bob finally made a definitive connection to the Wentling line. The sword, however, is not likely an American Revolutionary sword. More likely, it is a sword from the time of the War Of 1812. Based primarily on the fact that one of the engravings on the sword is a shield with 15 stars (the same number of states that existed during the War Of 1812 – see the image below). I suspect that it may have actually been Peter Morris’ sword and, as it was passed down generation after generation, the Wentling name got mixed up with it since Mary Wentling was Peter Morris’ spouse and (we believe) the daughter of the Adam Wentling discussed above.

The Wentling Sword

We’re still digging on the Wentling line. I found some Wentling info (below), however, due to the dates of birth of the children this Adam Wentling is either a brother or cousin to Mary Wentling, or is a completely unrelated line.

Adam Wentling B ? – D ?
m Ann Keyler B ? – D ?
– Jacob Wentling (1804-1871) lived in Bedford county in 1830 per census records
m Catherine Brant Wentling (1805-1849)
– Rosanna Wentling B 1825
m Peter Deremer

– Elizabeth (Martha?) Wentling B 18 May 1827, D 29 Jan 1893
m William Wilson LEANY on 14 Sep 1843 B 11 Dec 1817, D 7 May 1883
– William Wilson LEANY Jr. B 4 Nov 1853, D: 12 Feb 1927
m Sarah Alice BRUNNER B 23 Sep 1855, D 9 Feb 1927

– Nancy A.Wentling

– William Henry Wentling B ?, D 11 March 1860 in Bedford Co, Penn
m Elizabeth HOFFMAN (or HUFFMAN) B 19 Dec 1833 in Allegany Co, Maryland, died 17 Aug 1871.
– William Franklin Wentling B 04 JUN 1855, D 30 APR 1947

– Francis Marion Wentling B 1856

– Charles Edward Wentling

– John A. Wentling B 1829 or 1832?

– George Wentling 1835-1892

– Sarah Jane Wentling 1837-1922
m. Joseph Growden 1834-1901
– Laura E? Growden 1858-1944
m. George H Oster ? 1850-?

– Mary Growden
m. ________ Hite

– Lottie Growden
m. ________ Wilson

– Katherine Growden
m. ________ Oster

– H. Ward Growden 1869-?
m. ________

– Frederick W. Growden
m. Nannie Miller on 29 NOV 1894, Bedford, Pennsylvania

– Thomas J. Growden 1874-?
m. ________

– Mary Ellen Wentling 1845-

– Sarah Ellen Wentling ?

– Cornelia Wentling

– Samuel J. Wentling (1846 or 1847 – 08-01-1930) Stone Mason?
m Sarah Bruner (1874-1913)
– Mrs. Nora Wentling, died Dec. 25, 1925, at her home in
Johnstown, Pa.
m __________ Jamison

– Myrtle Wentling Beale (1876 or 1877 – 1954)
m Albert L. Beale (1874-1942)
– Robert L. Fisher (1916-1989)
m Margaret Beale Fisher (1920-1981)
– James L. Fisher

– Alice Wentling
m Harry D. Zembower

– William F. Wentling

– Samuel V. Wentling

– Wesley Wentling

Some more Wentling info can be found at…wg02.html#9021


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