Everything the media wants you to think about foreign socialized health care is wrong!

August 7, 2009 at 10:42 am (Uncategorized)

After Braden posted his post on how the private health care industry had failed him, I got interested (I know, a bit late, but you know…). So I asked questions. (http://gaytheist.wordpress.com/2009/…d-me/#comments.)

Well, as a Canadian, I think your current healthcare (or lack thereof) is pretty insane – I very much doubt I’d be perfectly healthy right now if it weren’t for my excellent experiences with Canadian healthcare (I’ve had health issues in the past, but they were dealt with successfully, because they were dealt with quickly, because people got me to a hospital as soon as they noticed I was sick and didn’t worry about insurance).

The best I can suggest in that you wait to see how everything goes in the USA, and if you still aren’t getting healthcare in six months, maybe consider moving to Canada. ;)

Comment by Edonil — 5 August 2009 @ 11:08 pm


Okay, what I am interested in is criticisms of the Canadian health care system from a Canadian who has participated in this seemingly lovely system. I’ve heard that you guys sometimes have to wait, and people die in the emergency room because of this. The media here makes it seem like it’s an everyday thing. How is it paying taxes on the system? Does it hurt your wallet moreso than if you were to pay for it yourself out of pocket?

I would think that health care reform would be like everyone being forced to pay insurance (duh!), meaning if you get sick, then you get help for free (duh!) and really this has less of an effect on everyone’s wallets (cool!).

How much of this is true? Would you yourself provide some criticisms of Canadian health care for me, please?


Comment by cw1925 — 6 August 2009 @ 12:31 am

I’ve been to the hospital three times that I remember- once for an infection (wasn’t a big deal, I had to wait a while), once for a randomly swelling knee (wasn’t a big deal, I had to wait a long while), and once for kidney failures (very big deal, I didn’t have to wait at all). So yes, you sometimes have to wait a bit, maybe even more than Americans (since there are theoretically more people in Canadian hospitals)- however, I’ve never had to wait longer than I thought was safe.

I’ve heard the occasional story about people having to wait too long and dying, but I’ve also heard of people dying in the USA because they couldn’t afford health care. I don’t know which happens more often, but I don’t think Canadians frequently die in the emergency room (or at least, I never saw anyone dying during my three visits).

How much it hurts one’s wallet depends on how sick a person gets. If somebody never gets sick, it would probably be cheaper to pay out of pocket/not at all. I got really sick, and there’s no way I/my parents could’ve paid for everything. On average I think our system is cheaper, but I’m not good at math so I could be wrong.

Criticisms: none. My health care has not been perfect 100% of the time, but the one time I had a problem it was because of the specific doctor (misdiagnosis- not related to Canadian Healthcare, I think).

The Denver Post has an article debunking Canadian healthcare myths, which I recommend: http://www.denverpost.com/recommended/ci_12523427

Comment by Edonil — 6 August 2009 @ 8:19 pm

It makes me laugh when I hear the harshest criticism of Canadian/UK hospitals: “You have to wait!”

I’ve never waited for less than an hour to see my dentist. In the ER waiting room, I’ve never waited less than 4 hours. Whenever my doctor has scheduled a surgery, test or other procedure, I’ve never had anything I’ve waited less than two weeks on.

It makes me wonder if anyone who poses that “waiting” argument has ever been to a doctor who wasn’t a hired, private, bed-side physician… and if any one of them has ever seen the amount of people at any given time falling asleep on a pile of filthy old magazines in a waiting room.

Comment by Rev. J. Reed Braden — 6 August 2009 @ 10:38 pm

All of that is given that I live in a small town. If I lived in Boston or Chicago or NYC, I hear I would be waiting MUCH longer.

So then I posted a link on Facebook to http://www.denverpost.com/recommended/ci_12523427 and Lisa Mawson, a UK friend of mine had this to say:

works well here too.

This prompted me to chat with her on Facebook.


So health care there isn’t the scary bullshit that the media here says it is?


its about the same as canada

Can you give some criticisms of it?

ive never had any problem with healthcare

well they could give the wards back to the nurses. they would be cleaner

they know best how to clean hospitals not contracted out cleaners

other thanthat i dont really have any critisms

Cool. I’m going to try to write a blogpost about it. Won’t do any good, because, you know, Americans don’t know how to read. :(:(


we do have private medicine here too but thats for those who wish to pay for it

ive nenver had much problem with it

I’ve never had a problem with mine. But then again, I wasn’t the one who paying, my family had great health insurance, and we had great doctors.

But I’m sure not everyone has the same experience.

In fact I know.

i think it can differ in slightly less populated areas but we have some wonderful hospitals

debbie and her family have had horrible problems trying to get healthcare

here if you need medical help you get it regardless of what you earn

That’s sick. :(:(

she said something like if she got cancer she would just ahve to die as she couldnt afford the payments for meds



i think thats awful

our government is total crap right now but most of the rest of it is good

you get great materinity care here for one

lots of fabulous teaching hospitals


my partner is diabetic 2 and he gets superb treatment

i think some hospitals may differ slightly but most run the same way.

Yet another reason America sucks.

we do have a lot of foriegn doctors

we ought to be producing more of our own

I like america for many reasons but couldnt live there due to the health care

I find many americans ignorant of other countries though. Most of my american freind are very inteligent but hell i ahve met some total mouthbreathers

Well, our education system sucks, so nobody, including myself don’t know shit about other countries.

So I can safely tell you that Sicko was 100% correct!


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