Regarding Randy Langkraehr and Tom’s view on abortion

July 31, 2009 at 3:54 am (Uncategorized)

According to his Facebook, Randy’s a strong supporter of Ron Paul. He’s also pro-life (as is Ron Paul). His website ( is proganda for anti-abortion bullshit.
Also… this is who is hosting Tom Stevens’ Stonewall Libertarians home page. Is Tom Stevens pro-life? has this to say:

Acceptable, not to be subject to regulation, not to be funded with public funds.

I don’t know what “Acceptable” necessarily means but legalized would have been my choice of words. Mr. Stevens has a poor vocabulary, as can be seen over and over again. And this is only New Jersey, which is not New York (Tom’s state).

New York’s political platform doesn’t mention anything about abortion. When searching his blog, I only came upon one post that mentioned abortion:…d-answers.html.

I can’t assume anything, but off-record, I bet Tom is pro-choice. And that’s fine with me, but the absence on an official stance disturbs me.


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