Jesus’s 4 wives

July 29, 2009 at 8:15 pm (Jesus's true dossier)

This is a speculative post. I inquire you to do your own research before taking any of this information as unfathomable truth.

In the Epistle of the Apostles (which is really a gospel, not an epistle), three names are given to those that were visiting the tomb (Chapter 9): Sarrha, Martha, and Mary (Magdalene). I hypothesize that these are three of the four women Jesus was married to before he died. The fourth wife, which was really his first wife, was Princess Cypros. She was a Nabataean Arab and Daughter of Cypros and Alexas. Cypros was also her mother’s name and she was King Herod‘s grandaughter. The marriage was recorded in the family tree of King Herod. Her uncle was Joseph of Arimathea, who was also the brother of Bernice, the mother of Mariamne Herod and Herodias.

Jesus and Princess Cypros had five children: three boys, Adminius, Guiderius and Caradoc; and two daughters, Eurgain and Gladys.


The genealogy of the Cunobeline family tree is the next great adventure.


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