Dear Tom Stevens, a second letter… (Updated!)

July 17, 2009 at 5:28 pm (politics)

A reprint of the first letter (from Facebook):

Dear Tom:

Your recent conversation with me here on Facebook shows just how blindly stupid you really are. You obviously have never met anyone who is gay. Being gay is not a choice. It’s not a conditioning result. It’s not a condition. It’s not a mental disorder. It’s nothing more than a biological predisposition sexual orientation. You don’t choose who to be attracted to. There is no such thing as an environmental stimuli that can change one’s sexual preference. I have tagged 3 people (Deeds, Braden, and Garrett) who are willing to testify that they were indeed born gay and have no choice in the matter. I gave you the science, but you said “Books are not authoritative to me. Books say different things and on this topic, if you are really interested in pursuing this field, I will wait for the day when you e-mail me with an apology saying at least it’s 50-50 (environment and inheritance) but I think it is far more environment than genes and ever the twin studies, while interesting, don’t move me.” You have no proof, and even admit it’s something you have an opinion on. I know otherwise. I will not apologize for being right, and will not back down. Your hypocrisy completely shakes the foundation of your party’s priorities.

For the Facebook message that was between me and Tom Stevens, you can read that here: (PDF file).


And here’s my second letter:

Dear Tom:

Contrary to what you might think, no matter what the Objectivist Party’s standings on the issues are, your personal beliefs on the issues in fact do reflect on the party itself. You continue to believe that which is inherently flawed, and in doing so have exposed the true direction of the Party’s motives. You are a closed-minded individual who needs to reevaluate the professional findings on the science of homosexuality. You need to admit your ignorance and apologize to the homosexual community. If you so wish, I will personally purchase some books for you to read. In the meantime, you do not deserve to hold the position you are aiming for.

I request you step down from the position you hold because you are incompetent and a traitor to the United States and to the objectivism philosophy. In summary I refuse to support you or vote for you on the basis of the following points:

  • ignorance
  • refusal to admit ignorance
  • refusal to evaluate the opposing view
  • refusal to provide adequate evidence for your claims
  • in doing these things you have shown refusal to uphold the objectivist philosophy
  • internal treachery
  • treachery to the homosexual community
  • and, most importantly, hypocrisy in that which valued most: reason.


You can download the private message between me and Tom and more files here: (note that this download is a self-extracting executable, there’s no need to worry about viruses, etc. because Mediafire has an internal virus-scanner).


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