Panthera, the real father of Jesus?

July 5, 2009 at 10:52 pm (Christ myth theories, theories on Jesus's parents)

Now that I’ve hopefully fully convinced you that Jesus was not born of a virgin, we can start the search for the real father of Jesus.

While reading Misquoting Jesus, Celsus is mentioned as being one of the first critics of Christianity. Celsus’s book, The True Word (or The True Doctrine) has many extremities regarding the criticism of Christianity. Of course, this book was burned along with many other criticisms of Christianity in the 2nd or 3rd century to prevent destruction of Christianity (if only they recognized free speech, we wouldn’t have to be dealing with this Christian shit).

Celsus’s words are

when she (Mary) was pregnant she was turned out of doors by the carpenter to whom she had been betrothed, as having been guilty of adultery, and that she bore a child to a certain soldier named Panthera.

Matthew 1:18-19 says that Mary was given the gift of pregnancy by the Holy Spirit and that Joseph did not want to disgrace Mary publicly. Why did Joseph not want to tell the world that she was virginally pregnant? Never mind what the rest of the chapter says, because the angel parts cannot be taken seriously. My theories are as follows:

  • Joseph knew that she had cheated on him, and that adultery was a serious (punishable by death) crime.
  • Joseph knew that she would be mocked if she told the world she was impregnated by the Holy Spirit.
  • Joseph realized that he had been delusional, and knew that she cheated on him, but to avoid death, they had to flee.

Either way, the third is perhaps what I believe the strongest, because as we know, Matthew plagiarized Isaiah 7:14 in Matthew 1:23, causing me to believe that the rest of the chapter was fabricated.

It should be noted that Luke 3:23-38 only gives the male lineage, and does not give the wives’ names. (Oh yeah, thanks patriarchy.) If Mary was truly a virgin, and because the Bible doesn’t give her lineage, only Joseph’s, we can not possibly know Jesus’s real blood lineage because it was never recorded.

Furthermore, while Mary stayed a big part of Jesus’s life, Joseph is completely absent in the latter years of Jesus’s ministry. Mary even went to Jesus’s grave (Luke 24:10). But because of, what I assume the result of adultery, Joseph left her sometime after the departure to Nazareth.

Critics of the Panthera theory have this to say:

The “common legionary name” Panthera could have arisen from a satirical connection between “Panther” and the word “Parthenos” meaning virgin.

Panthera’s tombstone is in the Römerhalle museum in Bad Kreuznach, Germany.


  1. bandsxbands said,

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    • cw1925 said,

      The pensieve comes to mind (from Harry Potter). Hopefully one day we indeed will be able to save our memories for future generations. For now, the best we have are cameras, journals, and so forth.

  2. cacham said,

    youre right. the fiction part cannot be taken seriously

  3. Anonymous said,

    Mary was a whore because of keeping her mouth. Talmud mentioned her as Stadat a sort of royal family. I don’t think so. She had to sell her body to have kept her household. She was one of outsides who couldn’t involve in the Jewish main community. The reason she couldn’t give a birth to her son in a warm room may be stoned according to Torah, so, she ran away from Josep to release a bastard.

  4. Anonymous said,


  5. sithembinkosi said,

    was Panthera slept (had sex) with Mary before her pregnancy?

    • Anonymous said,

      Idk, but virgin birth? Hello,wake up and smell the coffee… wtf I don’t even know or ever knew an actual virgin lol…

  6. Anonymous said,

    Pantera or whomever had sex with the woman and fathered the bastard child…Jesus, yeshua, blank, Ben stada, Ben Joseph, Ben david, Ben whomever.. She didn’t want to die by the stones….

  7. Jason said,

    Well Matthew didn’t “plagiarize” from Isaiah 7:14. First off, there was no copyright law. Secondly, he attributes the phrase. He states, “as was written by the prophet…”

  8. Mohamed Salar khan said,

    Father of Jesus is really the.Almighty-the God ! God.did not want any.human being as Jesus ‘s father. Jesus was created by God ! God a power and no “being’. If the.entire Christians in this World have.any.critisisum about the.father of Jesus ..then they are not real christians. But believe in God ..the.Almighty..the Creator of.Jesus. The Lord Jesus is always Great and immortal.He has come to save people and his holy spirit is still in this world and he is Never Dead .

  9. Anonymous said,

    Thats BS… :-/ Jesus is the Christ… son of God. End of story!!!

  10. rational man said,

    Jesus’s father is neither holy spirit, nor Joseph, but some other men who had sex with Mary before her betrothal to Joseph. Mary has clearly cheated Joseph, but Joseph was to look after Mary and her child. A history created through adultery, but that is the way it is. Nothing serious. Just live. We cannot reach the real God’s plane, leave it as it is.

  11. Was Mary a Virgin When She Conceived Jesus? said,

    […]  “Panthera, the real father of Jesus?” The Evolving Atheist’s Blog. 2009.> [15] West, Jim. “Ancient Israelite Marriage Customs.”  Quartz Hill School of […]

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