UPDATE! Dear Christians: Like I said before, none of you are going to heaven

June 21, 2009 at 4:46 am (Uncategorized)

I may have been prematurely naive when I wrote http://evolvingatheist.blogspot.com/…are-going.html, but the statement still stands. None of you are going to heaven. You’re either going to New Jerusalem on earth or the lake of fire (if you were to believe what’s in the Bible is true).

Referenced to Revelation 21.



  1. Anonymous said,

    If you believe what Revelation says about "no Christians going to heaven" then that means you believe part of the Bible is true.. why wouldn't you believe the many verses about "everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved," or "God sent not his son in to the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved" or "God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

    I think you are looking for excuses. Trying to disprove one part of the Bible, by using another part of the Bible as evidence is not very smart.

    Either you Believe the entire Bible is true, or none of it. You can't take one passage that is written in poetry and symbolism, and think for one second that you can disprove what was already established in several other portions of scripture as being the truth.

    The truth, that you seem to be choosing to ignore, is that we are all sinners, we all need Christ, we all CAN be saved through the sacrifice he made.

    Your "theory", were it true, would let you off the hook conveniently. It would make you not responsible for your life or choices. Fortunately, you have a choice.

    Just to reiterate, if you believe that that passage of Revelations is true, then what would stop you from seeing what the rest of the Bible says about it? Could it be that you are simply misinterpreting that single passage? I think so.

  2. cw1925 said,

    I in fact do not believe a word of the Bible. I am simply saying what you are saying–"Read the Bible." I'm dismantling what they say in church by using the Bible. What's said in church and what's said in the Bible are often at different ends of the spectrum. The real fascinating part is how very different the two really are.

    Furthermore, I will point out that, unlike many things in the Bible that conflict with other parts of the Bible, this is one theme in the Bible that has the most commonality about it.

  3. Anonymous said,

    I could not agree more about your comment regarding the church. Often times the Church is very off base. In fact, many of my friends have lost faith completely in Christ because of how horrible some churches can be.

    but that is bound to happen when you are dealing with people. none of us are perfect, as you know.

    The bottom line here is that what you think you discovered in Revelation is just your interpretation, and can be easily explained.
    In fact, as i was trying to explain to you, any Christian you are trying to address with this "discovery", has probably already read this passage. I know i have, several times.

    I know that if you really wanted to understand it, you could. But like you already mentioned, you do not believe a word of the Bible. Therefore you have lost all credibility. Even many Atheists believe the Bible contains plenty of accurate historical fact, any words of wisdom.

    I appreciate your point of view. And good luck figuring it all out in your head.


  4. cw1925 said,

    If they would just teach what's in the Bible, with as much of a literal interpretation as possible, no one would continue to go to church. They lie and sugarcoat it in church to keep you going. Why is it that people feel the need to "spread the gospel"? It's because they know that once everyone has become skeptical of what they read, there will be no one left to "convert". If no one is left to convert, then the religion dies, and becomes myth (as every other religion other than the major ones that are surviving now are classified). Christians fear this mythisizing more than anything.

    What's your interpretation of this chapter btw? Revelation 21:2 says it pretty damn clear what the new city is.

    And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

    I can see the simile "as a bride adorned for her husband", but there's no way you can classify "down from God out of heaven" as anything but literal.

  5. Anonymous said,

    That passage is absolutely literal. It is in reference, I believe, to the next Creation of God. After this earth is destroyed in the events of Armageddon, God will make a new Jerusalem. That means chosen people.

    That means, to me, that after this earth is finally destroyed by sin, God will create a new one. Just like the flood.

    In fact, it is even compared to the times of the flood. People will be living for themselves, ruthless, and evil. Very few good men will be left. God gets the good ones out of there, not by an ark this time, but by a rapture. then literally all hell breaks loose, ravaging and destroying the earth. Everyone has a chance to avoid that by accepting Christ.
    After that, God then, rebuilds. Think of it as a sort of Matrix revolutions thing. Anyway, it is all up for debate, and I hopefully wont be around for it. It wont be pretty.

    All they say is that the first time God destroyed the world, it was with water… This time its with fire.

    After all that Chaos, Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the old one was past away, and there was no more sun.

    That is my take on it.

    I am not sure i understand your first statement about once everyone is converted, our religion would die… I dont think so. If anything, from all the tithing and loyalty, we would become very powerful. But that aint going to happen. Christians are going to start being hunted down soon. Maybe even outlawed.

    Not looking forward to that… but hey, whatever.


  6. cw1925 said,

    I don't see Christians being hunted down anytime in the near future. Not with a Christian president.

  7. Anonymous said,

    um…..He may have, but I don't think he has ever claimed to be a Christian. he's a Muslim if anything.

  8. cw1925 said,

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