Top reasons for not believing (part 3)

June 11, 2009 at 6:37 pm (Dead Sea scrolls, reasons to doubt)

Let’s review the previous posts‘ statements. Note: these statements have been updated.

  1. There are multiple mistranslations. For example, Venefica. Venefica means “poisoner” instead of “witch”. Exodus 22:18 was the basis for the Salem witch hunt. Also, 666 is really suppose to be 616 according to the Qumran scrolls.
  2. Extreme ages. Methuselah is recorded as having been the oldest person in the Bible. The oldest living creature is recorded to have lived 177 years.
  3. The Ten Commandments appear three times. All with differences in those commandments.
  4. According to the Bible, God hates shrimp and bacon.
  5. There’s a discrepancy of what almah means.
  6. There are mythical Biblical creatures.
  7. In Revelation 7:4, it says that only 144,000 people are chosen to live in Heaven.
  8. The Biblical estimate of pi is extremely off.
  9. The Pentateuch was in fact not written by Moses alone. Nor do we really know who wrote the them.
  10. If you’ve watched The God Who Wasn’t There (YouTube clips search link), it’s stated that Jesus came, died, and was forgotten for nearly 30 years before the Gospels were ever written. The authors of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) couldn’t even read or write, and had to have scribes write their books.
  11. What happened to the whole millenium thing? Y2K?
  12. 6 days to create the earth? No, this is simply wrong.

And now, some new ones.

  1. The Gospels are unreliable.
  2. Bad morality of famous Christian theologians.
  3. God loves everyone and forgives everyone. Well, except these people.
  4. Fundamentalists are always right.
  5. The KKK is a Christian sect. Why associate yourself with them?
  6. Even the apostles needed evidence. Why do you expect us to believe, when the apostles themselves were doubtful?

That brings the total to 18 reasons not to believe.


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