Just what do atheists believe?

June 2, 2009 at 10:31 pm (humor)

Conservapedia has the scoop. I especially like the “Religion and God” section:

Religion and God

Comprehensible God: extending from an arrogance in their own reason, atheists believe that if God exists, He and His works must be comprehensible. Therefore, they argue that God does not exist from paradoxes and such arguments as the Problem of Evil, which God transcends.

Doubting Thomas, anyone?

Disbelief from silence: atheists believe that God does not exist, merely because there is no absolute proof that he does exist, a logical fallacy. Atheists believe that science disproves God but have no actual evidence that this is the case.

Actually, we never said that science disproves god, we just said that there’s a burden of proof that is on the hands of theists. Science continuously replaces religious superstitions.

Moral superiority: atheists believe that religion causes strife and that atheists are inherently morally superior to theists. This flies in the face of actual evidence, which shows that atheists are markedly less generous than theists.

Hell sure is morally superior.

Moral relativism: atheists believe that no absolute morals exist, God-inspired or otherwise, and thus rely on vague, transient, and corrupting notions of morality.

Mutually agreed morals exist. Ones that make me feel happy. That’s the kind of morality that I subscribe to.

Satan: Atheists deny the existence of Satan, while simultaneously doing his work.

And this is my favorite point of them all.

Superior intellect: atheists believe that atheists are inherently more intelligent than theists, and some even consider this an “inevitable product of ongoing social selection.”

I will say that Christians are less logical than atheists.


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