Why I don’t respect your religious beliefs

May 31, 2009 at 12:07 am (Uncategorized)

From http://atheistblogger.com/2009/05/30…he-easy-target:

Freedom of speech is often attacked by the religious, who claim that atheists use it to blaspheme and campaign against their beliefs, even though they are fine when they do the same to us. The point of freedom of speech is that anyone can say anything about politics, religion, art, etc and have their view protected so that others can hear it. The people who agree will state their approval, and the people who disagree or find it offensive in any way can have their say as well, and their response will likewise be protected.

From http://atheistblogger.com/2009/05/29…ail-at-atheism:

we believe that religions are dangerous. It’s a justified belief, because we have the evidence to prove it. Religion is the only reason Madeline Neumann is dead, the only reason why it took so long for Daniel Hauser to get cancer treatment. In Jennie’s dream world, we would not criticize the dangerous actions of the parents, and the children would die. Being nice only gets you so far; at some point you have to start disagreeing with people for society to make the progress it has.

Religion is a roadblock in the evolution of progress. By eliminating fear, prejudice, elimination, disrespect, delusional brainwashing, and misinformative organizations hiding behind a curtain of so-called love, we can build a better America. We can truly continue the work that our founding fathers started. Religion has become America’s greatest threat (Al-Qaeda is a religion-based terrorist group). No matter how moral of a person you are, and how logically based your beliefs are, that doesn’t make you a better person than me. I don’t claim to be a better person than you as a whole, I claim to have justifiable, logical and historically backed up morals and views of the world. In this, I’m a better person morally than the typical closed-minded Christian. I don’t waste my time trying to make up shit and wishing for the death of people. I know Christians who are for torture, for the death penalty, even for the act of vengeance if justifiable. None of those are justifiable. Ignorance is not justifiable either because we live in the digital age where information from all sides of the argument is available at our fingertips. Stop saying there is a god, because there isn’t, end of story. There never was, there never will be. Religion tolerates ignorance, I do not.

And, btw, yes this means I am no longer a latitudinarian.


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