The biology of homosexuality

May 27, 2009 at 6:20 pm (Enternetainment original post, homosexuality)

Well, I’ve finally done some real research into homosexuality and the biology behind it. According to Sexual Preference (only a $1.98!), some of the main causes behind this phenomenon is due to:

  • the presense of more testosterone in women
  • the presence of less testosterone in men
  • an extra X-chromosome in men
  • testicular feminization“:
    • these are men who act and feel like women
    • these men are effectively treated socially like women
    • may marry a male due to mistake of the fact that they are male
    • rare

There were also some environmental studies, even a couple of charts which, if I had a scanner on me at present, I would upload them. I hope this helps anyone wondering, like I did, what makes us straight or gay. Now, bisexuality… that’s something entirely different. I’ll have to more research into that. But, according to Freud, we’re all bisexual, but we’re either socially homosexual or heterosexual.

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