A random musing

May 24, 2009 at 5:30 pm (Uncategorized)

So, say God revealed himself, and everyone turned into a believer. Now what? No longer would faith be a requirement, because everyone has seen him with their own eyes. This would be literally a life-changing experience. Everyone would glorify God in his presence. But guess what? The sad truth is that this would change NOTHING. People would continue to oppress other people. The world would not change a damn bit, the world would just go about “business as usual” the next day. Maybe a few would change their lifestyles, maybe donate their money to the poor like they think they’re suppose to.
But this would not exonerate the history of religions. This would not absolve those that are bigoted liars who don’t approve of the lifestyles that others choose to live. Yes I would believe in the god that revealed himself, but this wouldn’t mean I would change my opinion on Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, or any other religion. I would laugh and say “well, what do you know? There he is. Well, you guys can stop pretending now, you can stop hating people. Just live your lives.”
But alas, the absence of god only hardens my disbelief. And that is the most prized possession of all.


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