Glossolalia and prayers

January 1, 2009 at 5:37 am (Enternetainment original post)

Both are complete nonsense. First, what is glossolalia? Well, have a looksie here. It’s basically speaking in tongues, which if you’ve spoken in tongues or heard anyone doing it before, you yourself have the best picture of what it means to be a complete idiot. Well, okay, maybe that’s a little biased because I’ve seen people hypnotized to where they were speaking unintelligably (very similar to glossolalia) and there was another volunteer that translated it into intelligible speak. So, I guess it’s possible if you stoop to that level.
Glossolalia is nothing more than a showoff. “Hey, I can talk like those ancient cavemen that we don’t believe in do.” Nothing more, nothing less.
Prayer… the ultimate placebo pill? Yes, because not a single prayer is answered. Not one. And if you did get a prayer answered, I have to ask, what the fuck kind of drugs are you taking… can I have some too? Because I need some prayers answered in that case. Prayers are only “answered” when human intervention is involved. Oh, and chance is a factor as well. Seriously, whenever says something like “oh, those African children are with my prayers”, it makes me sick to my stomach and sometimes makes me vomit. Seriously, how ignorant can you be to think that you have telepathic powers to force someone to bend to your will that’s impossibly beyond your control? It’s unfeasible, and completely shows your incompetence.

This post originally appeared on Enternetainment on December 1, 2007.


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