Insider’s info on the Mormon’s take on Prop 8

November 12, 2008 at 8:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Just another nice email from my dad about some recent events in our favor! It’s nice to be appreciated.

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What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

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Proposition 8 is now a part of the California constitution!

That is probably the best news from an otherwise difficult election for
conservatives and Republicans. In very large part, we Evangelicals must
thank our Mormon cousins for that fact. They, along with our Catholic
brethren, were better organized than us and that provided a base from which
we could ALL work together to get this job done. What more, as we have
chronicled here, Mormons took the brunt of the abuse, derision, and even
threats of physical harm that came with this effort.

And like us, they have given thanks to the Almighty that is ultimately in
control, even if their understanding of that Almighty is a bit diffrent than

I cannot help but wonder how much more thankful we ALL might be today if we
had been more willing to embrace these religious cousins a few months ago –
but alas, politics is always about governing today and looking forward to
the next election.

y/> Said John Mark Reynolds:

In the battle for the family, however, traditional Christians have no better
friends than the Mormon faithful. It would be wrong if that support were
taken for granted. We are intolerant of the false attacks on Mormon faith
and family. We stand with our Mormon friends in their right to express their
views on the public square. We celebrate the areas, such as family values,
where we agree.

A heart felt thank you may not win points from other friends who demand one
hundred percent agreement from their allies, but it is the decent and proper
thing to do.

Thank you to our Mormon friends and allies!

Hard to do better than that.
The “Ruth Youth”
ministry proclaimed yesterday “International Mormon Appreciation Day.” Very
appropriate, yet still inadequate.

In addition to our thanks, Mormons deserve our protection. They have been
oppressed in ways during the Prop 8 campaign that this nation has not seen
since the 1960’s and the civil rights movement. The rhetoric has been
deplorable, but moreover. we have seen instances of vandalism, property
destruction, and some leaders in the fight currently find themselves with
armed protection because of the threats made against them and their

Our nation will not and cannot tolerate this sort of behavior – it is
incumbent on all of us to stand against it, and the best way to do that is
to stand between the Mormons and the forces that would perpetrate such evil.

Now I am sure the Mormons can, and probably want, to take care of
themselves, but as a Christian, it is my duty to protect the innocent and
free the oppressed. To turn a blind eye in this circumstance is not only
ungracious, it is simply unChristian.

Make all the theological distinctions you want, but in the political arena
we are yoked with the Mormons (he said borrowing some religious imagery) and
it is darn well time we started acting like it.

Absolutely, positively thank the Mormons – but don’t stop there. Stand up
and be counted against the evil that has been perpetrated towards them in
this campaign.

As Christians we can do no less.

This is a long overdue acknowledgement of the good of the Mormon faith and it’s members.

[Name edited out]

Now, if that isn’t disgusting, I don’t know what is.

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