Homosexuality, why it’s okay with me and should be okay with you too

February 17, 2008 at 11:19 pm (homosexuality)

Is homosexuality wrong? The answer is no, because it is a biological factor, and not necessarily a choice. Your sexual preference can be changed, but only if you are attracted to the opposite sex. Consider when you fight off sleeping for a couple of hours. Not everyone can fight off sleep, for some, when they need to sleep, they must go to sleep as soon as possible. Others, like me, can fight it for a couple of hours, even days (yes, I’ve went without sleep for 56 hours straight before). With the fighting off sleep example, you can clearly see that it is something you must want or need, but you must train for it to happen. If someone doesn’t want something, they will not simply change for someone else’s beliefs or needs.

Using the Bible to back up your reasoning is lame, for there is no real science in the Bible. The Bible thus creates an imaginary homophobic state in its believers. Again, homosexuality is a biological trait, one which can sometimes not be “discovered” until your middle to late teens, or in your early 20s (based on my personal questionnaire to all of my homosexual friends).

Take apples and oranges for example. Some people, like me, are bisexual in the sense that I like both apples and oranges. Others will only eat one or the other, and will refuse to eat what they don’t prefer. This may be because they are allergic to oranges or apples, respectively, or they don’t like the taste of one or the other. This, as you can clearly see, is perfectly logically acceptable. If someone refuses to eat an apple, we go about our day, and don’t make a big deal about it. It’s an understood fact and we move on about it. With homosexuality, it’s basically the same thing. You aren’t going to approach someone you’re not attracted to. It’s simply not going to happen. And for gay men, they aren’t attracted to women, much like you Shelly aren’t attracted to women. You couldn’t change that even if you were forced to change your sexual orientation. So what makes you think that gay men or lesbian women who aren’t biologically attracted to the opposite sex can simply change their sexual orientation because it was deemed against the law or against morality? This simply cannot happen.

According to Freud, which is something I’ve been saying for years, we are all born bisexual. It’s the environment that we grow up in that shapes who we are, how we react to our surroundings, and how we view our preferences about… anything. There are plenty of homosexuals out there that feel ashamed of who they are simply because they don’t “fit in”. This is an irrational feeling, one of which society can safely say is protected by the first amendment to bash gays and lesbians. It’s sad to say the least that people would actually care that much about their fellow man to make them feel dishonorable about something they cannot change. But it’s an even bigger crime when the feeling is widespread. There is so much ignorance surrounding homosexuality, and even sex in general that it’s easier to believe the norm.

One final argument and I’ll sign off. I’ve heard of the left-handed argument. The argument says that while it’s possible to practice ambidexterity, it’s not required in society, and is recognized as okay. We don’t shun left-handers because they aren’t right-handed like the rest of us, the same should be applied to homosexuality. Sure, a gay man may have a female partner, but he may not and probably isn’t as aroused by his female partner as he would be with another man. You can teach a left-handed person to write with his right hand, but he will never be as effective as he would be using his left hand.

I suggest reading up on homosexuality and the biology behind it.

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