What is theosophy, and why the definition applies to me

January 24, 2008 at 11:24 am (Uncategorized)

Theosophy basically says that no matter which religion you practice, they all have some sort of divine truth to it. As an atheist and practicing anti-theist, I get asked the question “what is the meaning of life?” a lot. Well, it’s not that hard, I believe that we are here on this earth to simply exist, to prove that life has beat the odds of the universe from simply being rocks and earth and other lifeless organisms. But lately, I’ve been putting more and more thought behind the question. As a self-proclaimed philosopher and truth-seeker, I want to know the complicated answer to the question. The answer I gave is simply an example of Occam’s razor (meaning the simplest answer is normally the correct one). But what if some, if not all of the religious philosophical answers to that question could somehow conjointly answer the question? What if they were all right, but just said it wrong or applied it wrong? Everyone knows the golden rule, “do unto others as though you were the others.” This rule of course has many variations across the world. But I want more than just the golden rule. I want the truth to the question. I want a solid, no bullshit answer to the question from God almighty himself (doesn’t matter if I believe in him or not, just as long as it sounds like it could come from some divine standpoint). Any thoughts?

I truly do think that there are truths to every religion, whether it be from a philosophical standpoint or a scientific standpoint (although mixing religion and science alone is wrong, at least from a secular standpoint it is). What if there is a religion that is right? 100% right? Hell, I’d deal with 85% if I could get my hands on that book. The point is that I want truth, I’m tired of this bullshit that comes out of the church and the mosques and the temples and any other religious meeting place, I’m tired of the ancient ways being passed down from generation to generation, I want truth, just a little truth on why we are here. If that question cannot accurately, and divinely be answered, then we truly do have no other purpose than simply “because we can”.



  1. Anonymous said,

    What is your personal view of how life started?

  2. cw1925 said,

    Science tells us that life (human/animal life) started because of abiogenisis. As a rational thinker and follower of science, albeit blindly because I do not truly under this idea, I must submit to it. Barring that info though, I believe that life had to have started from an intelligent being. It doesn’t really matter if that intelligent being is God (or a combination of gods) in the divine sense of God. Maybe God is nothing more than opposing charges bouncing into each other and creating matter literally out of nothing (thus violating the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy). Or maybe there truly was a creator of the universe (I admit this is going into agnostic territory, but for the sake of the argument I must concede to it). Back to the question… I really don’t know what I believe. I can only give a number of theoretical possibilities of how life became life. I guess I believe that life became life through Darwinism, although it’s a little hard for me to accept the fact humans and monkeys came from the same common ancestor, but I guess it’s no different than say alligators evolving from deinosuchus from the Cretaceous Period, or even further back, the crocodyloformes of the Triassic Period. I can’t prove this, but paleontology tells me to blindly believe this. I’m rambling here, so I’ll leave by saying this: I really don’t know what I believe. Maybe one day the question will be answered. Let me put more thought into and do some more research, and I’ll get back to you.

  3. cw1925 said,

    *I do not truly understand this idea

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